Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Teacher Showcasing Moves us Forward

My 2009 Goal #6 was: “I will showcase the ways my teachers are using technology to enhance their teaching and their students’ learning”.  Last week I had the opportunity to do another Teacher Showcase at our Curriculum Meeting.  This is the third one I’ve done this year and they are so powerful. 

Our DirectionGetting the teachers up and sharing the technology projects they have been working on and showing what the students are creating is huge.  If you have the chance to do this or to encourage others to do it – Please do it!  Teachers comment on how much they enjoy it and how amazed they are to see the fabulous work our Middle School students are creating. 

This meeting we showcased two projects from our Art teacher - (1) a PhotoStory he created on Rembrandt’s Self Portraits complete with period music to introduce Self Portraits to his classes and (2) the amazing photographs his students took and enhanced in PhotoShop.  Many of the photographs he showed were better than many in a professional exhibit we had seen recently.

jeopardy We also showcased a fabulous Jeopardy game our Spanish teacher created for use with her students.  We even played some of the game and had a teacher who was able to figure out the Final Jeopardy question – great fun and the teachers could see the power of using this in their own classrooms.

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Image: 'Our Direction'

Image: 'M8 educating himself.'

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