Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Encyclopedia of Life is ALIVE!

"The new Encyclopedia of Life portal has gone live with more than one million species pages!

In celebration of this big event, our first EOL newsletter is available at:
Click here to read the newsletter.
You can see the new pages at http://www.eol.org/. We also invite you to take the survey at the site so you can help us improve.
We thank you for your interest and support over the past year. Enjoy."

Just got this email from eol.org! It looks awesome can't wait to check it out more!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Geo-Green and Titan Wealth

Today I got sent a great link to an audio file of a Keynote presentation Thomas L. Friedman gave at NC State University for the 2008 Emerging Issues Forum. I really, really can't wait for his new book now! The direct link to the audio is: http://ncsu.edu/iei/forum/2008/audio/friedman.mp3

I listened to this great Keynote and was then looking through my Google Reader and ran across this post by David Warlick, "A Bubblin' Crude" about the amazing amounts of hydrocarbons found on Saturn's moon Titan.

Take a listen and read! Share with your students!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Climate Alive!

"The need has never been greater for accurate and understandable information about climate change and its impacts."

Check out this website and the wonderful 7 minute video on how Asheville, NC is poised to lead this change!


Pretty cool and if I do say another great example of digital storytelling!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Digital Projector

Being in technology, I sometimes fall for the latest trend or newest thing. Most of the time that is not a bad thing. Every now and then it is nice for a post to remind me of the KISS philosophy.


dy/dan Wrote one of those posts.

Instead of using his digital projector to make a flashy powerpoint, he treated it like a old time slide projector. The results, "45 minutes running computations, discussing the results, arguing over the significance of the results — all from three photos."

I want to throw in the next quote, just because I liked it.

"No wipes, checkerboards, animations, or other PowerPoint detritus. This is the 21st-century digital projector bashed back into the 20th century."