Monday, February 05, 2007

Schools Need Vista Ultimate?

XP is simple, Home or Professional. Most people could get the home edition and never know the difference. At school, we needed the additional features of Professional. No big deal, everything in the Home version was in the Professional version.

Vista ain't so simple. Teachers and students really like to do digital storytelling, make movies and claymation. Windows Movie Maker and the new (and overdue) Windows DVD Maker is perfect and both are available in Vista Home Premium. The IT department also needs some advanced profile and group policy support. Both are available in Vista Business. However, Vista Business lacks Window Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker. The solution, pay up for Windows Vista Ultimate or find third party solutions for movie making and dvd authoring.

Here are the Vista comparison charts I used.

Top 50 Careers for the Next 10 Years

I ran across this site this weekend. It outlines the top 50 occupations for the next ten years. You can sort the list by projected need, growth, salary, and amount of education.

After playing around with it for a couple of minutes, some things jumped out at me.

When I sorted the list by projected need, 4 out of the top 10 actually had the word “computer” in the job title.

5. Computer Software Engineers, Applications

6. Computer Software Engineers, System Software

7. Computer Systems Analysts

10. Computer and Information System Manager.

Projected growth really got my attention. Seven of the top 10 were computer related.

1. Network System and Data Communication Analysts

2. Computer Software Engineers, Applications

3. Computer Software Engineers, System Software

5. Network and Computer System Administrators

6. Database Administrators

8. Computer System Analysts

10. Computer and Information Systems Managers.

The other three were all in the medical field, Dental Hygienists, PTs, and RNs.

What does all this mean? Considering Professional Athlete did not make the top 50, maybe our schools technology budget should be greater than the athletics budget.

Just Sayin…