Thursday, May 15, 2008

Into The Book

Check out this interactive site about reading comprehension strategies:

Into the Book: Wisconsin Educational Communications Board

Explore eight reading strategies for K-4 students and teachers in this
interactive and in-depth reading comprehension site:• Make meaningful
connections to climb to the summit of the Mountain of Understanding • Summarize
the thrilling life of a talkative pirate • Evaluate books to successfully
explore a distant solar system • Infer the real news in letters from pen pals •
And much more!

Students can watch online videos, play learning games and interactives,
and share their creations with friends and family. Teachers can delve into rich
information and teaching resources, lesson plans, video and audio clips,
downloads, and more.

Both the student and teacher sections of this site allow unique log-ins (that don't require any sort of registration or email address) so users can access prior work within the site.

The student section is very interactive and includes tasks for each comprehension strategy. The teacher section includes lesson plans, short videos, pdf posters, and even songs.

I was very impressed with this resource! Check it out!

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