Friday, November 03, 2006

PowerPoint: Just Say No Clip Art

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool. If I have presentation to make, I always use it. It can turn a boring speech into a dynamic one. PowerPoint is also the main culprit behind Death by PowerPoint. Everyone has seen one of these presentations. Just look below...

photo from Zach Graham

A ton of text on a slide is boring and has me reaching for a sodoku puzzle. Just remember less is more. Another thing that gets me in the sodoku mood is Microsofts Clip art. It served a great purpose back in the day. With photo sharing today, it should be banned.

On October 21, Boston broke the record for most lit jack lanterns. This record was formerly held by Keene, New Hampshire. Which one of these do you think would capture your audience.

Don't worry about the lack of text, remember less is more. Plus you want the people focusing and listening to you, not on your bad PowerPoint or a sodoku puzzle. If you really want them to have the details, give them a print out of your notes.

Now, where do you find this photos....

You can also google stock photos for a bunch more sites. Just remember to give credit to the owner.

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