Saturday, June 28, 2008

NECC2008 Ning Community

I'm up this morning and gleening resources from the NECC2008 Ning Community. I have joined the groups: and Diigo bookmark sharing at NECC2008, Virtual NECCers, and Digital Storytellers.
The Digital Storytellers have shared several sites in the discussion already. I've now got to take the time to investigate those. I am looking forward to watching their digital storytelling wiki to see what develops.
I have found lots of people to add to my and Diigo networks and follow. I've added feeds to this blog for bookmarks tagged digitalstorytelling and NECC08.
The Ning community has been a great place to start my virtual attendance at the conference. I can tell already that I will be in overload soon and need to figure out how to manage, evaluate and utilize all the information (but that is always the case).
Now I"m "headed" to see what the EduBloggerCon has to offer virtually.
Huuummmm...I must remember that I'm Eastern time and San Antonio is Central (Thanks Donna for the reminder)

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