Saturday, March 24, 2007


The author of this post is not Donna as the post signature implies. And I’m certainly not a public school educator posting something related to education “on the outside” of our local server. No, I’m simply known as Anonymous. Just some unknown online presence whose background is hidden behind the classic anonymous veil so she can quietly be part of the conversation.

And if I was a public school educator with some strong opinions about education- where it’s been, where it’s going, what’s gotta change- I wouldn’t step out on a limb and put it into digital text out there for the world to see…or quote…or bookmark…or (forbid!) SHARE. That would be wrong. Inappropriate. Unprofessional. Insubordinate, really. Certainly not acceptable.

And if I was this educator, I most certainly would not post statements like this for everybody to see:
· We are failing our students. They come prepared to take their learning to the next level, only to be boxed in with the same old learning tools to try and live up to the same old learning standards.
· Our educational leaders are failing to lead. We rely on them to think forwardly, to inspire us, to guide us through the implications of change. Seems our students are doing the leading here. ‘Bout time to listen to them, huh?
· Education has a new definition. A new story. A new path. A new audience. A new accountability standard (and no, that does not mean end of grade tests).
· We cannot accept the same old answer. You can’t just say, “I’m not good at technology.” What does that even mean???? Stop with the excuses. Dig your heels in, explore the possibilities, determine the needs, change what needs to be changed, advocate for it. For you. For them. They deserve it.

Since I am Anonymous, I can say how disappointed I am in the stagnant nature of our schools, of our misguided fear, and of our determination to let that fear stop us from sharing, learning, exploring, and yes, even making mistakes. After all, shouldn’t we be risk takers?

Would it be hard? Absolutely. Wouldn’t it be the most challenging thing we’ve ever done? I’m pretty certain it would be. It’s growth. Huge growth. But just as we tell our students, “Don’t worry. We’ll be there WITH YOU while you grow and learn.” That’s what we could do for each other, you know. Be there for each other. Talk about all of this, debate it, explore it, SHARE it.

Oh, wait. Share?

Hmmm…there’s an idea.


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Woohoo chickadee this is awesome! Welcome to the blog!