Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Not School!

I just read and heard this discussion about "Not School" from - see article here.

This is amazing

What struck me:

-It is not school it is LEARNING
this is so important - and makes you think about what School is and what LEARNING is - how are they different? We want learning - where are schools failing - are they purely socializing structures?

-they have "changed the semantics" by calling students "researchers"
what would this do if we changed the way we look at students - if we saw them as researchers - part of the quest for knowledge - determining what they want to research

-because the learning is personalized every child is a success story
the more we allow kids to personalize their own learning the more we are going to engage them.

-kids are "hungry to learn"
excellent point - kids may not be excited about going to school but every child wants to learn - the question is what do they want to learn we need to allow them the opportunity to choose!

-we do what is convenient for us in schools today
I have seen this so often and been a part of it - it is so much easier to do what is convenient - we need to be pushing the envelope and doing what is hard

-20th century ideas on how schools should operate will not make sense going forward
I'll begin to sound like a broken record on this I'm sure - but it is so true and so important. Schools must change - not just how we teach but the learning environment also. We need to make radical reforms.

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RAChCo said...

Standardized Testing! Every kid taking the "same" test to be compared to every other kid. I have two kids, you think I can raise them the exact same way. Not a chance, what works with one doesn't with the other and vise verse. This is the same with teaching. Each student learns a different way. The answer is simple, have the teacher teach diffent ways to different students. Simple and looks great in print. I dare you to try. Find a class of 30 students and come up with indivdual lessons for each of those kids. Rinse and Repeat. Three to four times a day, 5 days a week, and count down the days before summer break.

Standardized testing has created a monster. What's the best way to prepare for these tests? Simply spoon feed the kids the test. You don't have to know how to do the math. It is mutliple choice, show the kids how to elimate answers. Teachers with good test scores know this. Good teachers know this isn't learning.

We are rasing a bunch of good test takers. The US will continue to prospere if we continue to innovate. Who can design a mulitple choice test to measure innovation?